Honorable procedural move

NN, Montag, 04. Januar 2021, 01:23 (vor 104 Tagen) @ NN

Rep. Chip Roy is challenging the seating of the delegations from AZ PA MI WI NV and GA, basically saying if the presidential election in those states was rigged as the president contends, then so are the elections of the House delegation.

They are now taking a recorded vote.

He's putting other GOP members on record. Hard for them to say the vote for House members is valid, and then say on Wednesday that the presidential vote should be ruled invalid. It's a sideswipe at Mo Brooks' plan.


If the same sequence of events was unfolding in another country, what would you call it?

How would you describe the political leaders participating in it? If this were Bosnia, Albania, Ecuador or Rwanda, how would you write or talk about it?

Now, apply that standard to us.


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