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The Conservative Cult of Victimhood

Trump was a perpetrator who thought himself a victim, and American society has indulged that same illusion among Trump supporters.

JANUARY 11, 2021

David Frum


The central concept in modern conservatism is victimhood. Responsibility, accountability—those are standards they apply to others, never to themselves. Even as they confront their stark record of complicity and culpability, they cannot absorb it.


"Digital Gulag"

We need an operation warp speed to save the ability for Americans who love America to learn and talk online. We are losing our freedoms at a rapid rate. It’s a digital Gulag

Devin Nunes says Republicans have no way to communicate now


We cannot live in a world where Twitter’s terms of service are more important than the terms in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I have lost 12k followers in the past few days. Just FYI.

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