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Der Witz ist bei diesen Fischereirechten auch, dass das UK ca. 75% (oder mehr) seiner Rechte ans EU-Ausland verscherbelt hat.

Gut,Details liegen den Brexiteers nicht, aber die kloppen ja auch ein Handelsabkommen mit Japan über das Schicksal des Stilton in die Tonne. Handelsvolumen Käse am Gesamtdeal: 0.007%.


Whitehall schätzt, dass gegen feindliche Fischer wohl die Marine eingeschaltet werden muss. Neben einer (hier unvollständigen) Liste weiterer Erbaulichkeiten.

Und diesmal via Hauspresse.

The Cabinet Office’s EU Transition Task Force gave ministers and officials a horror show Powerpoint presentation marked “Official Sensitive” amid concerns not enough is being done to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

The leak comes as the latest round of EU trade talks ended with warnings the negotiations are “going backwards” and the chances of No Deal in December is rising.

If the restrictions on trade sparked by a No Deal scenario were combined with a bad winter of flood, flu and Covid-19, hospitals could be overwhelmed.

And parts of Britain may be hit by shortages of power and petrol as 8,500 trucks get stuck at Dover.

In Whitehall’s “reasonable worst case scenario” animal disease might rip through the countryside due to shortages of medicines and the Channel Islands could need military airdrops to avoid running out of food.

It warns the Navy might be needed to stop vigilante British fisherman clashing with hundreds of illegal European fishing boat incursions.

The Sun has seen the doomsday classified document designed to kickstart ministers into a major planning operation to see off disaster. It reveals:

One in 20 Town Halls could go bust in a second Covid wave, sparking social care chaos.
The economic impact of the virus and Brexit could cause public disorder, shortages and price hikes.

Troops may have to be drafted on to the streets to help the police in the worst-case scenario — 1,500 are already on stand by.

Social distancing measures and masks will have to continue until 2021 regardless.
Supplies of food and fuel are all under threat this Christmas if Dover becomes blocked.
Downing Street is pushing hard for a trade deal but is making contingency plans for an “unruly” exit from the EU transition period at the end of December.

With trade talks looking set to go the wire, there is a risk they collapse — putting up trade barriers overnight on 1 January.

In that scenario planners believe France will force “mandatory controls on UK goods from day one” and between 40 and 70 per cent of hauliers travelling across the Channel may not be ready for this.

That could see flow between Dover and Calais down 45 per cent for three months, triggering long queues of HGVs in Kent.

It could lead to shortages of the 30 per cent of our food imported from the EU as well as medicines, chemicals for drinking water purification and fuel supply.

This could trigger water rationing and even power cuts.

Food supply across the country would be hit by panic buying at Christmas, the busiest time of year.

There are also increasing fears in Whitehall that Covid-19 will return with a vengeance in the winter months.

The planners warned that “pandemic influenza, severe flooding, a Covid second wave and an unruly exit from the EU transition period could cause a systemic economic crisis with major impact on ­disposable incomes, unemployment, business activity, international trade and market stability.”

It could be combined with likely “coordinated industrial action” as well as shortages risking public disorder and a mental health crisis that will hit the poorest hardest.

Rising virus infections and hospital admissions would require a possible return to two-metre social distancing rules and further lockdown restrictions “well into 2021”.

But, they fear, public compliance with anti-Covid measures could “steadily wane”.

And ministers have been warned the NHS could be overwhelmed by a “one in 40-year flu scenario alongside even a continuation of the current levels of C19 and significantly overwhelmed in any level of second peak”.

The document says five per cent of councils in England “are already at high risk of financial failure ­following Covid-19”.

It means some town halls may go bust and need bailing out or may need to be under direct control of Whitehall.

And inflation could “significantly impact social care providers due to increasing staff and supply costs”.

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