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Apropos elende Schweinepriester, Josh Hawley:

As we think about all the "how dare people ask payment processors/web hosting services/app stores to stop working with the people who plotted an armed insurrection," just a reminder that this was a month ago:

[Auf den Link klicken]

The current argument being made is that it's "cancel culture" for companies not wanting to associate with people potentially engaged in criminal acts, and that any consequences they face should be handled by the legal system.

And whatever your take on this is, it's beyond hypocritical for lawmakers who used their power as members of congress to convince companies not to offer their services to pornhub to then go, "wait, no, not fair!"

Josh, let me explain Capitalism to you. Sometimes people decide not to do business with you. It's their decision. You know the whole "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" thing ? In your case it happens to be "No Principles, No Honesty, No Book" thing. Feel free to Self-Publish


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