NN, Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021, 08:10 (vor 11 Tagen) @ NN

Ich sortiere das 3:39 Breaking Youtube-Video(!) von Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen mal hier ein und zitiere ein paar Kommentare:




Acting United States AG.

Dude looks like a depressed middle school vice principal.

Can he not give a press conference?

It's been a week, and now we get... a YouTube video? What's going on?

He reminds me of Gene Wilder. And he seems to have developed a kind of eye twitch or was that always there?

I'm surprised is not on pinterest

Die verkifften Drehbuchautoren haben im großen Staffelfinale wieder Freude an bizarren Details bewiesen.

Why release a YouTube video at midnight? Why not just go down to the 3p press conference? Why does reality feel like pulp political novel?

Also can we talk about who decided to film this cutting back and forth between two angles? Who is this director???


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