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NN, Dienstag, 06. April 2021, 01:03 (vor 12 Tagen) @ NN

Nicht, dass sich ansonsten bei niemandem private und öffentliche Person unterscheiden oder ein Image gepflegt würde, aber das ist schon sehr bizarr:


Genau genommen spricht daraus wieder die stillschweigende Geringschätzung der Zielgruppe.

Noch besser, mit Stunt-Double und Filmfehler:


- I want to see Europeans react to this.

Some (if not most) European right wing populists / radicals would regard this as a legit kind of showmanship of an endangered white native - "it's his culture". Keep in mind that many of them really like Trump. As distinct from the US only smaller parts of the populations are receptive to such an extreme clownery. In some European countries he would be exhibited in satire shows on TV.

The strongly pronounced cheap clownery of a Benito Mussolini likely belongs to the past. But look at such a clownish fraudster like Nigel Farage. His self-presentation is less extreme. But these gradually different types of political clowns have in common that a certain part of a population like them due to their cheap clownishness, and not in spite of.

If nothing else, the mostly intentional cheap clownish features of some (more or less) far right politicians were and are the reason that many contemporaries don't take them serious.

In politics cheap clownery is often a means to an end, not an end in itself or a slip. A slip would be authentic.

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