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NN, Dienstag, 07. September 2021, 20:09 (vor 21 Tagen) @ NN

Since March, RT Deutsch has focused on promoting anti-vaccine fears around the COVID-19 pandemic and championing the far-right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD). Its efforts, collectively, have racked up roughly 22.7 million interactions on Facebook in the form of comments, likes and shares, according to research from the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States, a Washington-based think tank.

Those figures place the Kremlin-backed media organization at the top of the social media leader board compared to mainstream German publishers like Bild, the national tabloid owned by Axel Springer (which is also co-owner of POLITICO) and Deutsche Welle, the country's international, publicly-owned broadcaster, based on analysis from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned analytics tool.

"There's clearly a huge demand for what Russia is selling here among Germans. And that, I think, across the West is deeply concerning," said Bret Schafer, head of the information manipulation team at GMF's Alliance for Securing Democracy.

"It's clear where this content is coming from. This isn't like a covert information operation where there is some partisan site that Russia has spun up," he added. "They are somehow outperforming most, if not all, of the traditional media outlets."

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