Der Kelch, der an uns vorüber ging

NN, Dienstag, 13. Juli 2021, 18:15 (vor 503 Tagen) @ Serious Black

“Trump had privately indicated that he would seek to withdraw from NATO and to blow up the U.S. alliance with South Korea, should he win reelection.”


"[SecDef] Esper was a lifelong Republican and had worked at the conservative Heritage Foundation as well as for Republican senators .... But ... as he watched TV news anchors cover the election results, he found himself rooting for the Democrat."

"[Esper] feared that anything less [than a clear victory for Biden] might give Trump some shred of a reason to call out troops. Later in the evening, as returns posted in Biden’s favor, Esper told a friend, 'It looks good.'"

Vom verschärften Handelskonflikt zwischen den USA und der EU ("Worse than Chyna!") mal abgesehen.


Russian president Putin published his next article “On historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians”. He claims in his article, Russians and Ukrainians are “the same nation”, denying Ukrainian sovereignty and the very existence of Ukrainians. It’s another step for the next war.

Putin publishes a completely deranged article about Ukraine, reinforcing his well-known claim that Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians are "one people" with new ominous references to the need to protect "our historical territories." Highly disturbbing.

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