Stephen Miller, Drecksrassist

NN, Samstag, 21. August 2021, 00:16 (vor 657 Tagen) @ NN

Matt Zeller, ein Afghanistan-Veteran, der sich für verdiente Ortskräfte stark macht, hat auch die Regierung Biden scharf kritisiert. Aber das gehört auch dazu:

“The reason why all these people are stuck in Afghanistan right now is because the visa program that was created to get them here was purposely shut down by the Trump Administration for the last four years… They’re as complicit as the Taliban are for these people’s deaths”

Da hatte Stephen Miller seine Wichsgriffel im Spiel.

Here we go:

There were cabinet mtgs about this during the Trump Admin where Stephen Miller would peddle his racist hysteria about Iraq & Afghanistan. He & his enablers across gov’t would undermine anyone who worked on solving the SIV issue by devastating the system at DHS & State.(1/7)

Everything @OliviaTroye says is true. The SIV program was one of the first things Stephen Miller went after. I had Iraqi interpreters in the final stages and the entire thing was nuked almost immediately. The racist White House did everything they could to get our people killed.

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