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NN, Donnerstag, 07. Januar 2021, 20:19 (vor 100 Tagen)

A thread on how much you should be worried.

You guys always tease me about not letting you panic. Don't panic. Panic is a useless emotion. But after yesterday, you should be very, very alarmed right now


This is happening in full view of the world. Our allies are watching this with great alarm. Our enemies are watching it with great interest, and they're taking notes. Because that's the smart play. /4

But the President still holds the powers of Commander in Chief. He still has the nuclear codes. He's going to be in office for as long as the Cuban Missile Crisis lasted. This is beyond dangerous. Right now, even an accident or a miscalculation could be catastrophic. /5

Don't let anyone downplay this just because Trump is a moron; don't underestimate what happened last night just because the mob was a bunch of Facebook addicts and OAN-addled loons. The President is mentally unstable and the United States is in danger. /6


But for the future: Never forget the names of the enablers who caused all this. Never.

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