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NN, Sonntag, 31. Januar 2021, 23:42 (vor 31 Tagen) @ NN

Voted to impeach Trump:

“My dad's cousins sent me a petition — a certified letter — saying they disowned me because I'm in 'the devil's army' now," ⁦@RepKinzinger said in a phone conversation on Thursday.


- I listened to him on Axe files pod with @davidaxelrod and he chuckled and said they even sent a follow up letter after that one. He also said he now wears body armor. How sad

Ein Glück, dass es keine Islamerer sind!

Oder Neonazis:

"People of this country are absolutely 100% loyal to Trump"


Perpetual warmongering, pro-abortion Democrats like Bill Kristol are not welcome in the GOP.

Their neocon reign of death in the womb & across the world in pointless wars is unmatched.

These America Last globalists are clinging to relevance because the People have rejected them.

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