Don't ever forget - Abteilung Sonderpädagogik

NN, Sonntag, 14. Februar 2021, 06:24 (vor 18 Tagen) @ Serious Black

Die Impeachment Manager haben gute Arbeit geleistet und stark vorgetragen.

Aber das war Mist:

1/2 I don't understand the Democrats resistance to applying pressure. They're good at calling out the offense but don't know how to extract a punishment. They know GOP Senators are entrenched, Trump's lawyers don't know what they're doing & the American people are with them. But

2/2 they capitulate on the one thing that Republicans and Trump's lawyers did not want: the testimony of live witnesses to corroborate the timeline of events. The Achilles heel for the GOP has always been how Trump did nothing to help Pence. How do you back off of that?

Sie hätten Herrera-Beutler aussagen lassen sollen, scheißegal, was Graham und Co. dann veranstaltet hätten.

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