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A Maine man arrested yesterday for assaulting police at the capitol insurrection pushed white supremacist conspiracies and was convinced Chinese communists stole the election from Trump, archived video reveals

The first capitol insurrectionist arrested from Maine said the state was becoming a "multi-cultural hell hole" because white people were being systemically killed, and replaced with "the third world" in an effort to "destroy western yankee culture." ------->


Biden spending more money protecting the Capitol from Americans than he is protecting the borders from illegal immigrants. #438Million #TaxpayerDollarsAtWork


Apropos for the record:

Just for the record, the Customs and Border Protection Budget is over $17 billion

- I guess “Trumpism without Trump” means “say dumb shit on Twitter without the on-camera charisma.”


Apropos "say dumb shit on Twitter": Micro Rubio hat jüngst so dermaßen grottige Tweets vom Stapel gelassen, dass es wirklich nichts mehr mit Frackigkeit zu tun hat, wenn man nichts gegen eine Primary von Ivanka hat.

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