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NN, Dienstag, 12. Januar 2021, 22:23 (vor 91 Tagen) @ NN

Just in: Joint Chiefs of Staff preparing rare message to entire force of reassurance: reminding them the job is to support & defend Constitution and reject extremism. Its a significant step. JCS have sought to stay out of politics. Statement due to gravity of events.

“We are looking at significant cases of sedition and conspiracy. [...] Cases that carry up to 20 years.”

“People are going to be shocked by some of the conduct that happened inside the Capitol.”

- US Attorney briefing on prosecutions of domestic terrorists

Top Republican aide on House Armed Services Committee Jason Schmid resigns.

His blistering letter calls out congressional Republicans

who propelled "poisonous lie" that election was illegitimate

who now fail to "rebuke these insurrectionists"

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