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Der Führer ist auch kinderlieb:

Boebert: I want to tell you a story about his generosity, about how kind he is… Even not liking germs, President Trump shared a bowl of popcorn with my son… I don’t share food with my son.


Hoffentlich tritt Jacky in einem engeren Wahlkreis an:

Trump-endorsed state rep. candidate Jacky Eubanks says that if it came to a vote in the MI legislature, she would vote to make birth control illegal. “Sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage…and open to life. Absolutely.”


J.D. Vance, der in Ohio für den Senat kandidiert, faselt was von einem porn ban, to save families. Hoffentlich zieht er das weiter durch, viele männliche Trumper unter 50 (mindestens) werden sich belästigt fühlen.

Nachher kommen die Dems bei den Midterms doch noch mit einem blauen Auge davon:

Horrific. Red state doctors are already refusing to treat miscarriage patients for fear of being investigated and punished. Which is a tragic yet predictable consequence of abortion restrictions, which turn every uterus into a potential crime scene.


Gigantische Pussy, die Diktatoren beneidet und bewundert, nölt wieder rum:

Trump complains that he is criticized when he praises Putin, Xi, and Taliban: He called President Xi brilliant. What the hell am I going to say? He’s running with an iron fist. 1.4 billion people


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