Daumendrücken für Belarus

NN, Donnerstag, 20. August 2020, 18:08 (vor 30 Tagen) @ NN
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My god. A publication with connections to the Russian security services published video from the plane where opposition leader Alexey Navalny fell ill. Emergency personnel walk toward the bathroom, where Navalny is said to have collapsed. You can hear him howling for help.


With the necessary caveat that there's still a lot that we don't know, the fact that Alexey Navalny, the only real leader of the Russian opposition, is allegedly poisoned just as Putin deliberates what to do with the protests in #Belarus sure is a funny coincidence.


Navalny spokeswoman: His wife Yuliya has arrived in Omsk, but she's not being let in to see him because he has "not agreed to give permission." (He's in a coma).

They also say that her passport is not sufficient; they need a marriage certificate to prove she's his wife.


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