Pressure to seize voting machines

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In the Jan. 6 committee hearing on June 23, witnesses described how President Donald Trump pressured the Justice Department to [seize voting machines]

Here's a recap of today's hearing in three minutes.*


Trump called former AG "virtually every day" to push DOJ on election fraud

ex-Deputy White House Counsel Eric Herschmann's thoughts on Jeff Clark:

"good fucking a-hole, congratulations, you just admitted your first step or act you would take as attorney general would be committing a felony”

"I thought his proposal was asinine..."


Feds search home of Jeffrey Clark, former DOJ official who pushed Trump's false election fraud claims

Rosen und Donoghue haben nur ihre Pflicht getan, aber unter den gegebenen Umständen hätten sie dafür trotzdem einen Orden verdient.

Chuck Rosenberg on MSNBC: ‘The rule of law is a construct; it's not immutable. The law of gravity applies everywhere and all the time. But the rule of law requires men and women who abide their oath and take their positions in government seriously.’

*These DoJ officials are now debunking cherished "Stop the Steal" myths, which will of course enrage the Trumpers and they will now threaten more people and think that debunking these things means that Trump's DoJ was full of Commie traitors

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