Brexit führt zu akutem Hirnschwund

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That’s what the Angry Left and middle class liberal Europhiles think - that an allegation of a Christmas party is more serious than the huge number of (mostly black) people in London stabbing others to death.

The Angry Left are bonkers and aided and abetted by the liberal media.

More anti Boris anti Government propaganda from #dailymail

Lib Dems win North Shropshire by-election to heap more woe on PM via

How can Christine Jardine ( Lib Dems) stand there saying this is a trend, Tories will be voting for them.
It’s no such thing. They would have us aligned with the EU quicker than you can say Germany is running out of vaccine.

Boris could do no more & is worn out to the core..altho he won the war, the libdems won a battle, voted in by ungrateful cattle, who believe unproven tittle tattle…they deserve all they’ll be getting..what a bunch of complete cretins

stupid is as stupid doesHeart suitMx Claus

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