Der super duper US-Wahl-Fred deluxe

Boothby, Samstag, 17. Oktober 2020, 14:33 (vor 13 Tagen) @ Boothby

Frum hat es drauf, dass Ganze in ein Bild zu packen, aus dem man schlau werden kann. Trumpismus in digitalen Zeiten einhegen:


It's never easy. But it's important. You should talk to your parents about Facebook.

"Just say No" is not enough. Be prepared to answer questions about your own history of social media use. But it's important. Talk to your parents about Facebook.

By asking the questions in a nonjudgmental, open-ended way, you're more likely to get an honest response. Remember to show your parents that you're listening and really paying attention. They need to know that you accept and affirm them. But talk to your parents about Facebook

Holm hat, wenn ich das richtig erinnere, ja keine Kinder. Erklärt einiges.

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