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Hierzu interessant: Cornyn spielt den GOP Kanarienvogel und outet sich als heimlicher trump-Verächter.

Das ist insofern interessant, als dass er derzeit noch einen kleinen Vorsprung zum Dem-Konkurrenten hat. Baut er jetzt darauf, dass die Basis ebenfalls abfällt? Ist er womöglich einfach mürbe? Realistisch betrachtet müsste er doch davon ausgeht, dass ihm durch diesen Stunt etliche R's von der Stange gehen. Als Rivale würde ich schon mal die Danke-Karte versenden.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn acknowledged Friday that at times he has disagreed with President Trump on issues such as budget deficits and debt, tariffs and trade agreements and border security.

But, the senior Republican senator from Texas, who is being challenged by Democrat MJ Hegar, said he chose to work on those disagreements with the president’s staff in private discussions, rather than by publicly voicing his opposition.

Although polls show Cornyn with a small lead over Hegar, both candidates are vying for undecided voters during an extraordinary election season in which many once-solid Republican public office seats are now in reach for Democrats.

During a meeting with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial Board, Cornyn was asked if he and other Republicans regretted not pushing Trump to combat the COVID-19 virus more aggressively, or rein in some of his political stances that were unpopular or stood little chance of passing in Congress.

Cornyn initially described his relationship with Trump as “maybe like a lot of women who get married and think they’re going to change their spouse, and that doesn’t usually work out very well.”

Cornyn continued: “I think what we found is that we’re not going to change President Trump. He is who he is. You either love him or hate him, and there’s not much in between. What I tried to do is not get into public confrontations and fights with him because, as I’ve observed, those usually don’t end too well.”

Cornyn noted that his friend, former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who initially was on cordial terms with Trump’s White House, opted not to run for re-election in 2018 after clashing with Trump on issues such as a border wall.

Cornyn said he worked well with the president on judicial nominations, Hurricane Harvey relief, a U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal and tax cuts. In those situations, Cornyn said, he was comfortable praising Trump’s work publicly.

“But when I have had differences of opinion, which I have, (I) do that privately,” Cornyn said. “I have found that has allowed me to be much more effective, I believe, than to satisfy those who say I ought to call him out or get into a public fight with him.”


"I secretly opposed Trump."
"I fought against the worst excesses."
"You won't believe what I stopped him from doing."
"I was silent but I am a former general office."
"I needed a job later."
"I had a primary, so I couldn't speak out."

Your excuses will not play, cowards.

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