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NN, Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2020, 20:47 (vor 35 Tagen) @ NN

Es geht weiter, keine Satire:

In new petition, GOP candidates and state Rep. Toth ask Texas Supreme Court to REJECT Harris County votes cast in drive-thru lanes (100,000+ so far), calling it illegal curbside voting reserved for sick/disabled.
A new argument after earlier bid to end drive-thru voting failed.

Hotze is a GOP activist in Houston
Champion is a GOP candidate for Congress.
Hemphill is a GOP candidate for District Court.
Toth is GOP member of Texas House from The Woodlands.

Trump: "Hopefully the few states remaining that want to take a lot of time after November 3rd to count ballots, that won't be allowed by the various courts."

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