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NN, Sonntag, 18. Juli 2021, 22:03 (vor 1035 Tagen) @ NN

Just 40% of *healthcare workers* in Arkansas are vaccinated, per @SharonLNYT. The state legislature passed a law banning state/local workplaces from requiring COVID vaccination as a condition of employment until 2 years after vaccines get full FDA approval

“Young, pregnant coronavirus patients were once rare at the hospital. But recently, four or five of them ended up in intensive care. Three were treated with a machine called ECMO…a step some consider a last resort after ventilators fail”

Three unvaccinated women, 62, 68, and 74, all ended up in an Arkansas hospital with COVID. “Yet despite their ordeals, none of them changed their minds about getting vaccinated. ‘It’s just too new,’ Mrs. Billigmeier said. ‘It is like an experiment.’”

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