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@TuckerCarlson giving an inspirational talk at dinner at the Prime Minister’s office, talking about why #Hungary is a great place, and what we in the West have to learn from it.

Says the lesson of Hungary is that people here genuinely love their country and it’s traditions, and are willing to fight for them. Final good thing about Hungary, says @TuckerCarlson: “That you’re truly hated by all the right people.”

He’s absolutely right.

“Congratulations on infuriating the worst people in the world. Prepare to receive their wrath.” —
@TuckerCarlson to Hungarian audience


Least surprising convergence on the planet

Orbanism represents the fever dream of the US right—a government captured through gerrymandering and a stacked judiciary, backed by pro-regime media and a web of crony clients, animated by Christian nationalism & a relentless culture war against liberals, immigrants, minorities


Viktor Orban's family now owns one of the former Habsburg royal estates in Hungary. It became public property. Orban returned to power in 2010. The next year, 2011, the state sold the property to an Orban-family holding company

It's kind of funny that Orban is so admired by so many Americans obsessed with the Clinton Foundation - because corrupt foundations have been one of Orban's favorite means for grabbing control of other people's assets.

An important reason for Orban's hatred of - and ultimate suppression of - Hungary's independent media is that those media kept reporting on Orban's thievery.



Warum MURX nie auf meine Frage geantwortet hat, wieso Viktor Orban nicht aus der EU austritt, wenn sie denn so schlimm ist:

Orban apologists are now telling me what a great job of economic management their guy is doing.

Four points of Hungary's GDP is transfers from the European Union that Orban and they despise as a woke totalitarian nightmare.

Another three points of Hungary's GDP are remittances from Hungarians working abroad, again mostly elsewhere in the European Union.

Hungary's GDP per capita is a little under 16,000 USD according to the World Bank.

That's significantly less than Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia - barely ahead of Romania. If Hungary were to lose its 7 points of EU-sourced donations - it's hello, Bulgaria.


Und das ist, wohlgemerkt, eine Rechnung, die nicht auf den herkömmlichen Vorteilen des europäischen Binnenmarktes basiert.

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