Paul Gosar

NN, Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2021, 00:16 (vor 1026 Tagen) @ Serious Black

Rep. Paul Gosar turns reality on its head by portraying January 6 as a mostly peaceful affair, then pushes an absurd conspiracy theory that the real criminals on that day were "insiders from the FBI and DOJ"


First, the far-right Republican from Arizona was the much-touted surprise guest at an counter-CPAC event in February hosted by Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who marched at the infamous neo-Nazi Charlottesville rally in 2017 where a neo-Nazi murdered a counter-protester. Gosar condemned “neocon control” in contrast to “America First” and he was followed by Fuentes praising the Capitol riot as “awesome” and arguing that if the United States “loses its white demographic core … then this is not America anymore.”

Then last week, Gosar a was revealed to be planning a campaign fundraiser with Fuentes, who has engaged in Holocaust denialism, praised segregation, and repeatedly made anti-Semitic comments. Gosar initially appeared to defend the fundraiser in a tweet saying, in part, “Not sure why anyone is freaking out.” The next day on Capitol Hill, he played coy with reporters, telling the Washington Post: “I have no idea what’s going on.” The Gosar campaign did not respond to a request for comment about the invitation.

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